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dot line imagination

‘Dots’ and ‘Lines’ are basic elements of all shapes and objects. Our design was inspired from these key ideas and turn them into the LINKIE!

Linkie trigger kids’ curiosity, problems solving, imagination and creativity. These skill sets are essential abilities for the future learning.


Full-sized building toys

Our full-sized building toy is larger than most toys.  Kids can infinitely explore what they desire to do with LINKIE products. Hence, it would be more fun to play with their creative building in its actual size.

Build with new thinking


Building with our bendable structure provides kids a different approach to create new things.

An open-ended play will give your kids an opportunity to develop their thinking skills as well as to create problem-solving skills.

Creative role play

Role-playing is a great way for kids to develop imagination, emotion, communication, and social skills together with their friends and family. 

Kids can team up with friends to make a dress or even an armor, and then act like a hero with their own creation.

Let’s LINKIE be the first step of your kids’ dream.

Make it alive


LINKIE structure can be drawn and colored. 

This feature allows kids to create more details on what they are building. This activity encourages creative and artistic development.

Kids can draw and color in their own style to make it be more personalized. 

Create then play

Playing outside the room. 

Let kids build things to play outdoor.

Feel like playing football,

just build a ball and then play!

Linkie guided play

Guidance and teaching are good ways for kids to have more ideas, and then let them think out of the box.

We provide LINKIE idea card for parents and teachers to help kids learn through quizzes, puzzles, questions, and more.

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