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dot line imagination

At the heart of our design are the fundamental elements of all shapes and objects: dots and lines. These ideas inspired the creation of LINKIE, a building toy that stimulates children's curiosity, problem-solving abilities, imagination, and creativity. These are essential skills for future learning.


Full-sized building toys

Our full-sized building toy is larger than most, allowing children to fully explore and create whatever they can imagine. This makes the building and playing experience more enjoyable and realistic.

Build with new thinking


Building with our bendable structure also provides a unique and different approach to construction, encouraging children to think differently and develop problem-solving skills.

Creative role play

Role-playing is also a great way to foster children's imagination, emotions, communication, and social skills. With LINKIE, kids can team up with friends to create costumes or armor and act out their own heroics.

Make it alive


Our toy can be drawn and colored on, allowing children to add their own personal touch and encouraging artistic development. 

Create then play

Building outdoor items, children can take their creations beyond the limits of the room and into the world around them.


Let LINKIE be the first step in your child's dream-building journey.

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Best Selling

LINKIE Imagination 3D kit 450 pcs

79.99 USD

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All Videos

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