LINKIECODE, the open platform

"Introducing Linkiecode, a platform for learning coding from scratch to personal projects. The design of Linkiecode is open-ended and rooted in the building toys of Linkie. The modular system, featuring basic shapes and forms, allows users to build their desired projects by combining electronics modules with coding skills.

Linkiecode's Microbit version is also compatible with, allowing users to create even more projects with our product.

LINKIECODE the Open platform

As an open platform, Linkiecode is designed to support standard electronics modules worldwide. Users can add on other modules to our platform to enhance their projects.


To aid in the learning process, Linkiecode also provides a booklet with guidelines for projects, starting from basic coding concepts to intermediate stages. After completing the basic sample projects, users can create their own projects to bring them to life.


Linkiecode is open to working with publishers, developers, educational institutions, and organizations for custom projects.

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